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My hair is relaxed and I got braids done three months ago. When I took it out, a lot of my hair was falling out especially around the front hairline. Is this normal and what should I do to get my hair to grow back?


Hair is strongest when it is in its natural state. Hair that is relaxed has its structure altered by the use of chemicals from a curly to a straighter form. This process weakens hair and strips it of moisture. It is therefore very important to condition relaxed hair well and take caution if getting braids done.

Braids done on natural hair can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks depending on the hair texture and how often you wash it. On relaxed hair, braids should only stay for six to eight weeks because the roots have to get touched up. Leaving the braids past eight weeks could result in hair loss and excessive dryness. It is normal to notice some loose hair when taking out braids (an accumulation of hair that has shed during that period) but in this case, the braids were left too long!

The hairline is the weakest area on most scalps. It is therefore necessary to use the right amount of tension when braiding. Tight braids can cause swelling of the scalp, bumps and a whiteness at the roots indicating that your hair follicles have been pulled out resulting in permanent hair loss. Other reasons why one may experience hair loss are improper diet, thyroid gland problems, hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, chemotherapy and stress.

To regain your hair growth, start by giving your hair a break. Use products that will feed your hair. Organic Root Stimulator has an excellent line with the molecular genetic make-up closest to the aloe vera plant. Gently massage your scalp with the hair mayonnaise to promote good blood circulation and sit under the dryer with for at least twenty minutes. Use the fertilizing temple balm around the hairline to stimulate growth. Use the carrot or olive oil moisturizer as a leave in conditioner. Touch up your roots when they are due and always give your hair a two-week resting phase in between touch ups and braids. If you decide to put braids again, get a style that will camouflage your hairline and not create additional stress.

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My hair is natural and I am planning on wearing braids with extensions for the spring. Since this will be my first time getting it done, I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to maintain the style.


Braids generally require minimal maintenance and are a great way to wear your natural hair. However, there are a few steps that must take place to ensure that your hair remains healthy while it is in braids:

1. Before braiding, shampoo and deep condition your hair. Use a detangling shampoo like cream of nature or lavish by cream of nature and for the deep conditioning, use the organic root stimulator. 2. Add a light leave in conditioner like pink oil moisturizer and massage the scalp. This will stimulate the blood circulation and deter a dry scalp when in extensions. Starting from the ends, gently comb out the hair in sections. You can blow dry the hair with a comb attachment. 3. During braiding, special consideration should be given to the hair around the perimeter. The braider should apply less tension as this area is very sensitive to most people. 4. While your hair is in braids, keep oiling the scalp at least once a week with a light oil like the Better Braids scalp oil. For straighter hair textures, use a braid spray with minimal oil. 5. If needed, you can use a small amount of alcohol free gel to keep the hair line neat. Cover the hair at night with a silk or satin scarf to keep it tidy. Alternatively, one can use a silk or satin pillow cover to sleep with. 6. Shampoo your braids in the shower once every two weeks. This removes dirt, dust and odor. Let the braids air-dry. Condition and moisturize the braids with the braid spray or scalp oil. Do not use cream conditioners as this easily builds up and leaves a deposit on the braids. 7. Do not leave the braids in for a period of more than three months. Exercise great patience when removing the braids. Saturate the braids with Take down remover or a detangling conditioner and remove braids section by section. Detangle each section as you go along. Wash the hair with a detangling moisturizing shampoo and get a deep conditioning treatment.

And lastly but not least, choose a braider who can not only braid your hair, but know how to care for your hair. The braider should be able to tell you how to take care of your braids and recommend maintenance products.

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